New method added

I have just updated the “muscle methods” section to include a basic “working with c2c12 cells” description (click here), and a more in depth description of a technique to isolate and culture single fibers (click here). I hope to keep adding new methods on a weekly basis.


Blog is live!

As a strong supporter of open-access to publicly funded research findings, I have started this blog to provide details of my own research, methods and experimental protocols, as well as to provide another avenue for me to share my love of scientific research and science policy.

I am still in the midst of uploading content to the “muscle methods” page, but have started with some very basic techniques for working with the C2C12 cell line. I hope to turn the “muscle methods” into a reference for molecular, cellular, anatomical and physiological methods, with detailed protocols that I use in the lab. Please feel free to comment on these protocols with your own suggestions/queries.