Mitochondria in Satellite Cells

Random image that I generated today of a satellite cell cultured in growth media for 48hrs+, just prior to differentiation. You can see the complex mitochondrial network stained in red in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Figure.  Satellite cell stained with Pax7 (green), Dapi (blue), MitoTracker (Red)


6 thoughts on “Mitochondria in Satellite Cells

  1. Bing.Guo

    excellent, could you please tell the difference of concentration of mitochondrial network between satellite cells and muscle fibers?

    1. Hi Bing Guo,

      That is an interesting question, and one that I hope to be able to answer shortly! Muscle fibers tend to have very complex and dense mitochondrial networks, whereas satellite cells have simple and compact networks (see the fascinating paper by Mathilde Latil in Nature Communications 2012).


      1. Bing

        Hi James,

        Thank you very much! Could you please recommend some classic papers for the differences between compact mitochodrial networks and compex mitochodrial networks? Like mitochodrial efficience?


  2. Dipsikha

    Hello, Could you please provide with the staining procedure with Mitotracker red? also the details about the microscopy part will be helpful.

    1. Hi Dipsikha,

      I am in the process of writing up a couple of new protocols and will post them over the next few weeks, the mitotracker protocol will be one of these. This image was generated using the CMXros mitotracker from invitrogen, and then counterstained for Pax7 and DAPI.

      1. Dipsikha

        Thanks for the reply. I am using the same stain (will be using it this week) so it will be helpful if you could let me know the concentration you used for the staining and also the objective at which you set the microscope focus at.

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